Dr. Mohamed Inshan

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Dr. Mohamed Inshan

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Dr. Mohamed Inshan


  • University of South Florida – 2008
  • National University of Health Sciences – 2011

This is the story of why Dr. Inshan is committed to getting everyone who comes to 360 back to a pain free life. When he was 16 years old in high school Dr. Inshan was in a bad car accident. After going from specialist to specialist the consensus was that at 16 years old, he needed surgery and can no longer partake in sports. After careful consideration Dr. Inshan’s parents tried something completely foreign to them, Chiropractic care. This started off very rocky as many of the chiropractors he saw were not getting any results. Finally his family came across a very genuine and great chiropractor who was very confident he could fix a young Dr. Inshan. After months of care, Dr. Inshan was back to playing sports and being a normal teenager. This left a lasting impression on him.

Dr. Mohamed Inshan says he knows what it’s like to live in pain and uncertainty when it comes to your health. He understands the frustration and even the horrible thought that this is just the way life is going to be. Because of this experience he is absolutely committed to making sure that no one feels the way he once did.


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